Members of Le Krewe d’Etat suspect that it was Krewe of Muses members or their associates who affixed dozens, if not hundreds, of stickers on their floats, on riders’ costumes and on some vehicles used in their parade.

The stickers featured a red high-heeled shoe, the Muses signature, poking out the eye of the Krewe d’Etat’s skull logo. The coaster-sized stickers showed blood spurting from the shoe wound. Stickers were also placed on the ground outside the krewe’s headquarters, as well as at the starting point of Krewe d’Etat’s parade.

The incident appears to be the latest in a developing beef between the clubs.

Last year, d’Etat featured a float that likened the Muses membership to cows. Members of Muses enlisted parade-watchers to jeer as it passed.

Two of my favorite Mardi Gras krewes are apparently at war with each other and it’s hilarious. (via cajunboy)
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